Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December 1st 2009

It is officially the Christmas month, Happy December 1st 2009! I love this time of year for several reasons:

Christmas Trees
Lights Outside on the Houses
Hot Chocolate
Sugar Cookies
Memories with my Family
Watching little ones open Christmas Gifts
Trying to guess what my hubby has gotten my for Christmas
Christmas Cards from Family and Friends
Christmas Shopping
Christmas Movies - I could spend all day watching them!
Christmas Music
Giving to Others

What are some of your favorite things and memories of Christmas?


Kaylan said...

All of the above!! I'm so excited, and trying not to buy myself into debt!!! I love trying to find the perfect gift for everyone! Happy December 1st!!

Regina and David said...

I love the parades, musicals, smells, decorations, music, and all around since of excitement that this time of year offers. This year we are thankful to be back in the States to celebrate with family and friends!

Kaylan said...

All of the above! I love trying to find the perfect gift for everyone! Happy December 1st!

Amber said...

I think you named everything I love. I'm with you, I love trying to guess what my Husband bought me for Christmas :)

Jess :) said...

What a GREAT list!! I am CRAZY for Christmas music and movies! :) I also love everything you listed, but I have to add Starbucks lattes and caramel apple spices to the list!!!!

Summer said...

What a awesome list!! I agree with you on it ALL! I love watching Christmas movies, writing a christmas list with my 3 year old, watching her get sooo excited making cookies, reading stories to her, seeing her face on christmas morning, and trying to guess what my hubby got me for Christmas!!

Summer :0)

Mommyto3andahusky said...

Hi! You are a winner over at my blog! :)

Kelly@Keeping up with Kelly said...

Whoooh yay for dec 1st

Ashley said...

YIPEEE!!! happy Dec 1! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. I agree with ALL of the things on your list. I also love baking all kinds of goodies this time of year!

Lianna Knight said...

I adore all of your Christmas favorites...and spending time with parents. I sure wish they lived in the same state as we do :)

Stephanie said...

Me too! I get so excited to do ALL of those things. I will watch ANY christmas movie... even the REALLY cheesy ones :) I just can't help myself. I also love the Christmas celebrations at our church, our break from the hot weather and finding just the perfect gift for everyone (also trying not to go broke doing it). It is definitely my favorite time of year.

Stephanie said...

Me too! I love all of those things. I always listen to the Carpenters Christmas album for the first Chrsitmas music of the year. And I will watch ANY Christmas music, even the super cheesy ones! I just love them all :)

I would add our church celebrations, a break from the hot weather, and finding just the right gift for everthing (also trying not to buy myself broke!). It is truly a magical time of year!

Stephanie said...

oops -meant "finding just the right gift for everyone" :)

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